See what Elmore has to offer

Situated on the banks of the Campaspe River the township of Elmore is rich with unique built and natural spaces to see and explore.


Apex Play Space

Midland Highway, Elmore Situated alongside the iconic Elmore Miniature Train, the Apex play space has ample car parking, play equipment, bins and a grassed picnic area with picnic tables. A short walk from public toilets and the main shopping strip.

Campaspe River

Elmore is boarded by the stunning Campaspe River. A favourite spot for recreational fishing, nature and photography enthusiasts, the Campaspe River is home to unique and stunning wildlife including the elusive platypus. The Campaspe River within the Elmore Township runs along Jeffrey and Campaspe Streets.

Campaspe River Pepper Tree Avenue

The avenue of pepper trees between the Campaspe River Bridge and Childers Street along Campaspe Street was planted on August 10 1898. The trees were donated by the Elmore Water Trust. Dotted amongst the pepper trees are rustic seats; perfect for enjoying a bite to eat or an opportunity for quiet reflection.

Campaspe River Walking Track

The Campaspe River Walking Track meanders alongside the captivating Campaspe River. Dotted along the track are information boards which highlight the unique attributes of this stretch of the river. The walking track stretches from the Campaspe Bridge (corner of Margaret and Jeffrey Streets) to the corner of Campaspe and Childers streets.

Campaspe Run Play Space

Situated in the centre of town between the Railway station and Campaspe Run, the Campaspe Run Play Space has lush lawns, ample parking, public toilets, picnic tables and a BBQ. A great space to enjoy a picnic.

Cardwell Street Natural Play Space and Picnic Area

At the intersection of Cardwell and Jeffrey Streets, on the banks of the Campaspe River, is a natural play space featuring fallen river red gums.The picnic space is well appointed with picnic tables, a rubbish bin and drinking fountain.

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Elmore Cemetery

The Elmore Cemetery is beautifully managed and maintained by dedicated teams of volunteers: The Elmore Cemetery Trust and the Friends of the Elmore Cemetery. A visit to the Elmore Cemetery will provide a historical insight into the town and district.

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Elmore Memorial Hall Complex

The Committee of the Elmore Memorial Hall Complex welcomes bookings from groups, clubs, individuals, and businesses. The committee is there to ensure your function is a successful one, and that the Hall Complex is utilised to its full potential for the benefit of the community. If you are looking for a venue for regular or one-off meetings or events, large or small, we can accommodate you. The Memorial Hall and Supper Room are air-conditioned for your comfort.

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Elmore Plaque Project

Wander down Cardwell Street and learn about some of the historic buildings by reading the Elmore Plaque Project plaques. Cardwell Street was named after Rt. Hon. Edward Cardwell, Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1864.

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