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Elmore's first public art mural by Mimi Leung

cropped mural

The achievement of the Elmore Community Plan 2015-20 Arts, Culture and Entertainment goal - creating Elmore's first piece of public art - has been realised through the efforts of the Elmore Progress Association and Elmore Swimming Pool Committee with financial support from the City of Greater Bendigo. 

The first part of a dynamic mural on the concrete filtration tank at the Elmore Swimming Pool was painted by Mimi Leung on Saturday 17 March. The second wall of the tank is due to be completed in the coming weeks. 

In creating a design in response to Elmore, Mimi chose to focus on the iconic platypus which is regularly seen (although often elusive) in the Campaspe River. She was also inspired by the title of Ang Lee’s film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Mimi said that the meaning behind this saying is something like being in a place where there's lots of hidden talent and surprises; a way of saying to remain humble because, despite initial appearances you are in the presence of great people. With this in mind, Mimi drew a conceptual parallel between the elusive platypus and the Elmore community; Elmore may appear to be just another small regional town, but within it, creatures and humans are quietly doing amazing things.

Initial responses to the first part of the mural have been enthusiastic and positive with community members saying how much they love it, with lots of appreciation for the colours and the use of the platypus in the design. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

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